Connecting an IDP to an Azure AD group - automatically add users to group?

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I am having difficulty getting an IDP set up to properly manage automatically adding my company's marketing prospects to an Azure AD group I have set up for that purpose. I set up the IDP by following the instructions in this helpful guide: .


For context: I have a trial subscription of Qlik Sense which is expiring soon. I have created a help thread on their forums as well (see but I have been directed to seek help from Microsoft since the problem I am facing appears to be related to my Azure settings.


I created a sample account using one of our company's spare email addresses and was able to successfully sign it up to use Qlik by following the link to our specific subscription. However, I don't seem to be able to find that email anywhere in my lists of Azure users.

I have a group set up, called "Qlik external users", to which I have added the IDP I created as a member. Additionally, I have that group listed as a member in the enterprise application "ers-azure IdP". (This may be an infinite loop, I am aware.)


What steps am I missing to complete the setup of this IDP? I am very new to user management and IdP's so I don't know what information I need to share to get the correct answers.

Thanks much for your help.

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