Configure a public load balancer Azure CLI help!!!

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I'm on an exercise on the cloud architect learning path that's given me a headache. I'm trying to run the git command below;

''git clone
cd mslearn-improve-app-scalability-resiliency-with-load-balancer''

The attached is the result I get on CLI; 


The script is ran from Github and then I'm meant to change the directory of the cloned repo.

1. How do I do this?

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These scripts are meant to run directly in azure sand boxes. but, if you want to run them in your own environment then you can either use cloud shell directly from the portal or if you want to run them on your local then make sure you configure azure cli and set a proper subscription on where you want to run this command.


1) az login 

2) az account clear

3) az account list

4) az account set 

Hi @sramadugu

Thanks for the feedback. I actually ran it through the sandbox first before trying it in my own environment to test it and see if i'll have a similar outcome. I had a similar outcome and question is how do i proceed after that, as i am meant to create VMs after that but cannot seem to be able to do that.