Compile From Azure Pipeline ignores certain files related to CefSharp nuget package

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Good day to all,


We are developing a WPF Desktop project that uses the nuget package "CefSharp.Wpf.NETCore". When we build this project from Visual studio manually (in both debug and release mode), some files are generated in a folder that is a subfolder of the bin folder. Attached is the screenshot below:






So far so good. But we have automated the build and release of our WPF software using Azure pipelines. When we run the build pipeline, it runs without any error. But certain files are missing in the folder shown above in the screenshot. Since certain files are missing, when we run the WPF.exe, it gives us exceptions when we run the program. Attached below is a screnshot that shows the files generated from build pipeline.






Comparing both the screenshots reveals that when the WPF project is built in azure pipeline, certain files are ignored. These files are related to the nuget package "CefSharp.Wpf.NETCore". Any idea as to how to solve this would be appreciated. Attached is the screenshot below that shows the azure build pipeline.







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