Chatbot that takes 3 conditions and prints line from table.

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I am trying to learn how to use Azure while I have it for free through school. I have made a web chat bot, and I want to have it so a user can type three conditions from a total of 10, and the bot will print all of the rows from the database that include those three conditions. Below, I have included the file. For example, I want a user to be able to type in a department, company, and specialty and find all the people who fit under those parameters. Or they can specify a state and find everyone who works in that state. The excel file is just a sample one from a hackathon a few weeks back. The documentation is rather confusing for me, as it does not seem to work as it should. Can anyone be of assistance directly or through resources they know of?

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Hi Acesa

Can you share more details?
Where do you plan to hold the database? Any language preference too write the bot? Are you getting any error when trying to do it?