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Hello. at work we are currently migrating from jira to azure devops. We have an issue with custom process related to the limit of 10 actions that a rule to restrict state transitions have. This limit implies that our workflow can have 11 states max cause we need to configure process in such way that work items only can be move forward without the chance to skip any state.

The reason that we need more than 11 state restrictions is that our workflows have middle states (Ready for…) in order to capture the time that takes to handoff the work item from one area ie dev to qa (ready for qa state)or qa to cibersec (ready to cibersec) and so on.

In order to comply with 10 max action cap of azure devops, we eliminated the ready for statuses hoping that board split column functionality(doing,done) could achieve the goal of (ready to ….) states. However we have not found a way to capture the time spent in azure devops in split column “done”.

Is there an approach to achieve the goal of capture intermediary (ready to) handoffs time between different areas?

Thank you

Rodrigo Valdés

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Hi Rodrigo,
To track the amount of time work items spend in different states, the number of transitions between states, etc. - try using the Time in State for Azure DevOps extension .

Extension also allows you to analyze using charts and export reports to csv and xsl formats.