Cannot request a specific spot instance ?!

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I want to test NC6S_V3 VPS plan, but it always not available for almost all regions. So guide me show to get it ?

My subscription is pay as you go.

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Hi @ngtlam1806 


If you're specifically looking to build the VMs as spot instances, then availability could be limited depending on the available capacity at the time you're looking. Spot instances are offered at a discount because they take advantage of currently unused capacity that has otherwise been reserved; the downside of this is that the capacity isn't always available, and if a higher priority workload wants to use that capacity (someone paying full price, for example) the spot instance will be terminated.

Two other notes:


1. Check here: for the regions that support the NC-series VM sizes
2. Check that you have requested the vCPUs you require, as by default the vCPU allocation for this size family is 0 (as stated here: