cannot establish remote desktop to virtual win10 azure client due to "welcome screen"

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after an automatic update of my virtual win10 client running on azure I can not establish a RDP connection. If I check the azure "diagnosis and problem solving" dialog of this machine I see that the machine hangs in the "welcome" screen.

Any idea how I can connect to this machine again?



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You have a few options, you can create a recovery VM and mount the OS disk from the problematic machine and run different repair tools against it. There is a tool that can automate the recovery steps, but it does not appear to be publicly available anymore, i know that it is the first step provided by the support staff.

But try to delete and recreate the VM, if that fails have a look here


Another option is to download the vhd to you machine and use Hyper-V to troubleshoot, once you repair the VM re-upload

Dear Kent,

thank you for your help. I tried to download the VHD, but without success.


I tried the powershell Save-AzureVHD commando, but this always wants me to set the default description. I try to do this with Select-AzureSubscription <mySubscription> but every <mySubscription> I try is not working - subscription not found. I tried subscription guid, name of the storage accounts, VM name, ...


Is there another way to download the VHD?



Dear Kent,

I managed to download the VHD using the \storage accounts\myMachineNamedisks123-Container\vhds\blob properties\... So waiting for 250GB download now ;)


There is also an upload button in this view - I'm curious if I can overwrite the existing files.

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So i feel horrible forgetting to mention this, but Azure now support Nested VM's, meaning you can enable hyper-v on a 2016 VM, and the data doesnt have to leave the datacenter.

OK, that means I need a 2016 Windows Server with hyper-v and then I can "add" the virtual azure client as nested VM into 2016 windows server? Is this something I can do in azure - so let's setup an 2016 windows server in azure and there add the not-working vm? so I can remote login to the server and from the server I can start the nested vm and get through the welcom screen?


you still need to expose the vhd to the 2016 by upload or mapping the url, i would suggest uploading it to the recovery vm to insure perfomance. but yes that should be possible.