Can you be creative with Reserved Instances?

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I have a question. Can I buy 2 reserved instances and run several machines with them? Scenario:getCreativeWithRI's.png

I have three DS2_V3 machines. The database server is running continuously, my desktop session hosts run 50% of the time, let's say everyday 7am-7pm but simultaniously. Can I cover that with buying two reserved instances of a DS2_V3? Or does that not compute?

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@Emanuel van der AalstI have a suggestion. Spin up this workload with regular instances (non reserved instance) and calculate which sizes are the suitable for your workload. Then purchase those reserved sizes and create a policy with your timetable ( 7:00 - 19:00 ) . Also if you setup smartly your persistent data outside your VM you can even decomission the VM's every day , spin fresh the next day and allocate the 19:00 - 07:00 reserved instances for another workload. 


I follow those links:

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