Can Traffic Manager cater multiple public url requests?

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Query on TRAFFIC Manager
We have 10 different public sites example:
and so on
Each URL is connected to multi windows based Web VM running in multiple regions.
example: has web server configured in each region (East Asia & SouthEast Asia)
I`m planning to setup a traffic manager so it can route the traffic for all above websites.
Traffic manager supports one URL per profile.
So I guess need to create 10 Profile for 10 public sites
Wondering if any alternate or am i short of knowledge.
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I am wondering if Front Door would actually be a better service to use in this scenario for you. Have you taken a look a the front door service to determine if that is a better fit in this particular scenario? Let me know and I would be happy to answer some additional questions on Front Door but to me that seems like the better fit here. 


Link to documentation -


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hi @Bryan Haslip 

Sorry for reviving this but your suggestion is exactly what I am trying to figure out how to do.

I know front door can route to one site, and to another site.

My question is related to the original one where I need to route to one site and to another site, using Front Door, as you suggested. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi @EduLorenzo, I am curious why you've architected your site this way? Is it that you see more traffic for a certain sub-site from a specific region? While Azure front door will support this config (check below link), isn't this something you could do via DNS routing by mapping a specific subdomain to a different IP?