Can't share dashboards - "You don't have access to this subscription"

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I created private dashboards in my Azure portal and now I want to share them to resource groups. We don't have a "dashboard" resource group, so I unchecked the box and shared it to a resource group that I have "Owner" and "Contributor" role(Called ProducerServiceStaging in my subscription). But when I click "publish", it reports "You don't have access to this subscription".

It is weird because I have been using this only subscription for near 3 months. I looked at the activity logs of my subscription and this resource group, my operations were not there. What should I do?


Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 2.51.22 PM.png

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@youchunn My guess would be you need to set up Azure AD tenant accounts and Security Principles across subscriptions since this appears to be an access problem. 

@youchunn I had the same issue.


It's probably a bug and not permissions related as I was able to create a new shared dashboard from App Insights directly. 


You will have to copy the tiles over manually for now from your private one.