Can't delete "backup item" in Azure Recovery Services Vault Resource Group Protected server

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I get the following error when I try to delete the last item in the protected server. There are backup items associated with the server. Stop protection and delete backups for each of the backup items to delete the server's registration. If the issue persists, contact support. Refer to for more info.
I followed the instructions detailed in the link above and used the Microsoft Azure Backup application to try and can't get to the menu "Modify or Stop a Scheduled Backup wizard" and it doesn't show and thing to select for modification.  Is there a way using PowerShell to delete an "backup item" in a protected server vault?
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Hello Veronica,


Firstly you have to stop the Backup in the recovery service vault and detach the VMS after this you will delete the backup in the vault but firstly you have to stop the backup.

@Prashant SharmaThank you for sharing.  I wasn't able to delete the backup item in the vault from a different machine. I had to find the decommissioned server that was used to create the backup, and reactivate it. Once the MAB recognized the server name that had created the backup and vault, I was able to access the backup item, stop it and delete it.