Can't add Azure AD Identity Protection in PowerAutomate/PowerApps

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I try to add Azure AD Identity Protection / Get Risky Users. I Login as tenant-Administrator, and it says it was not found in the drectory. I have Azure AD Identity Protection under Enterprise Apps / Microsoft but with a diffrent applicationID number. Does anyone know how to solve this? (same in powerapps).






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Hi did you try to clean your browser cache of use private navigation ?



Yes, thanks for answer. I have tried that too. 


The problem is that it's looking for an application ID in Azure that does not exist.


"Application with identifier 'b37216c7-2651-4ee5-9c5d-617a30978148' was not found in the directory"


And when I search in Azure after that identifier it not exist.    

b37216c7-2651-4ee5-9c5d-617a30978148  =  AADIP  (Azure AD Identity Protection Connector)


But when I look in AzureAD ...  so have my AADIP another identifier:  fc68d9e5-1f76-45ef-99aa-214805418498