Can Others Connect to my VM

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Hi Everyone:


Is there a way to configure one of my VMs so a friend of mine could use RDP and connect to it?  Just curious to know this.  I was thinking I would create the VM using my account.  Send my friend the RDP file for that VM.  Maybe I need to give my friend permissions so they could login.


Thanks for your time.


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No problem.  Set up a .rdp file using mstsc, save locally, and send. Or connect via the portal and save the .rdp file.  Edit the file for your friend's credentials, assuming you have created a local account for him/her.  Domain account if your VM belongs to a domain.  On the VM,  authorize your friend's account for remote access.  



As Ray mentioned, you can do this.


However, try if you can secure it using Network Security Group.


Check if your friend has a static IP, then allow access only from his IP address and block all other ports.


I have seen issues if internet access is all open on the VM, it can get compromised.



Thanks so much Ray.  I can't wait to test this with my friend.

Thanks much Vineet!