Can I assign a existing private IP to a VM

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I have an existing VM, I have taken snapshot of that VM. I need to restore to this snapshot so to restore it. I need to create a disk from that then create a VM from that disk. My question is I want same private IP address which is assigned to the existing VM should be used for new VM which I want to restore snapshot. Is it possible to have an same private IP address from that existing VM. Please help me out in this. If I want to assign a same private IP what need to be done.

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sure it is... just go to azure portal > vm > network > nic > ipconfig > assign your IP

requirement: the ip address may not be in use.
It is possible to assign the same private IP address to the new VM as the existing VM had, but the specific steps to do so will depend on the cloud provider and the specific resources you are using.

Generally speaking, you will need to create a new disk from the snapshot, and then create a new VM using that disk.
During the process of creating the new VM, you will have the option to assign an IP address to it.
You can assign the same IP address as the existing VM had.
However, it is important to make sure that the IP address is not already in use by another resource.

Additionally, if the snapshot image is taken from a different virtual network it might not be possible to use the same IP address. This because the IP address is assigned by the DHCP server for that specific network.

You should also consult with the documentation and support provided by your cloud provider for specific instructions on how to create a new VM from a snapshot and assign a specific IP address to it.