Call SAP OData Service in Logic App through On-Premise Data Gateway

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I want to call an Odata Service of my SAP system. The service is only available in the private network, therefore the call only works via an On Premise Data Gateway.
This gateway is already set up and works in the Azure Portal.
Using a Postman Collection I have built a Custom Connector which I call in my Logic App.
The connector is connected via the gateway to a computer which is logged on to the VPN.
My problem is that I can't provide the authentication data for the logon to the SAP system and therefore for the call of the OData service.
Is there a possibility to include this authentication data in the request?
I have already been able to connect successfully to the SAP system via that gateway, but only to call RFC modules, for example. Is there a way to do this with an OData service?
What is the best way for calling an on-premise SAP OData Service in a Logic App?
Or is there maybe a way to send an Http request via the On Premise Data Gateway?

Thank you!

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@Julia2195 consider using a REST custom connector with auth. OData is a REST endpoint. Logic App support REST both as native HTTP request as well as wrapped in a convenient custom connector, the later which may further make use of the On-Premises Data Gateway you noted you needed to access the network where you SAP OData endpoint is present.


You can also use Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment (ISE), then you bring Logic App in the same network as SAP and can just use HTTP REST actions - no gateway required:

For people reading this thread in 2021, we now have a private preview for OData connector. If you are interested, register at