Bring Interactive Analytics to Azure HDInsight: Kyligence Analytics Platform allows sub-second query

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In resource-intensive systems, queries will compete for runtime resources and it takes hours to return when the work load is high. SQL on Hadoop is improving continuously, but it is still common to wait minutes or even a couple hours for one single query to return, especially when the dataset is huge. Most of these systems are resource-intensive where queries compete for runtime resources and performance declines when the workload is high.


To solve this problem, Kyligence Analytics Platform (KAP) enables interactive analytics with sub-second query latency on massive dataset. KAP is a leading big data intelligence platform powered by Apache Kylin. It enables interactive analytics with sub-second query latency, even on massive data-set, and is widely adopted by enterprises such as Lenovo, China Mobile, and many more. We are happy to announce that the Kyligence team and Azure HDInsight team have worked closely with each other to bring OLAP capabilities to HDInsight, and KAP is now available on Azure HDInsight as an HDInsight application.




Read about it in the Azure blog.

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