Bot authentication issues

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Good morning,


We are having problems with our test bot that has been developed.


It works absolutely fine in the emulator talking to the remote bot hosted in Azure using ngrok but I think that effectively bypasses some of the authentication.

In the Portal framework we have enabled 3 channels web chat, Skype and facebook messenger. 

Firstly when we login to the Bot Framework portal and try to test we get a cannot send message.   The bot also does not reply from any of the configured channels.  Strangely all these channels were working just over 2 weeksa go and the test client in the framework portal was also working.   As far as we know nothing has changed to stop it working.


Messaging endpoint is here


We can see in Azure we are getting a 502 bad gateway message when we send a message.


Any ideas or thoughts greatly appreciated. 

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I assume that you already checked to see if the authentication is ok.


Try disabling the preview in the webchat and see if that helps. 

Could also be that your code is giving a timeout. If all else fails i usually just deploy the default template to the app web to see if it's not some code related issue. 

Thank you, I will try some of your ideas later and let you know how I get on.