Blockchain workbench data updates

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I've deployed an ethereum blockchain workbench with a custom blockchain contract.  I'm able to create transactions via the workbench ui and I've also written a custom mvc app that is integated to present a custom ui that I am using to create new transactions.  All of this is working perfectly,.  My question is with regards to the blockchain sql database.  I am able to use ss object explorer to view and update the data in the database including the deletion of contract instances.  Isn't the purpose of having a blockchain to prevent the external manipulation of the data or is the data editable only because the  smart contract is deployed to the workbench?

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The off-chain database in Workbench is currently not tamper-proof. So, if someone who has access to your Azure subscription wants to go and update the database, they are able to do so.


Leveraging blockchain you cannot manipulate the data that has already been committed. Therefore, if you go directly to the blockchain, you won't see the values that were changed on the database.