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Hello everyone,


I am here seeking your help about how I can go about my recent problem. I subscribed for Bing Web Search API for $6. However, I have recieved a bill of over $30 000. During the course of my subscription, I could not see how much I was consuming not until today. If I really knew, the first day I would have cancelled and corrected the situation. I cannot pay this in every way as I know that my capability is only up to $6. Could anyone help me how to go about this?

The subscription I had,  I have canceled now for fear of more payments.


Please please help me because I am hopeless now. I did not do it out of fraud or what, only to appreciate the services microsoft offers. If there is a way, please contact me ASAP.



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Sorry to hear about this. This sounds like a question you should ask through our support channels.