Best Practice- Hosting WordPress sites in Azure App Services


Hi guys,


I have multiple WordPress websites, each of them represent different organizations of a parent organization. As of now, each of these websites are hosted in separate App Service Plans and similarly have separate Azure Database for MySQL. 


Over the last 1 year, I have realized that the cost of hosting is coming out to be higher than expected and planning to optimize the utilization. Could someone suggest what could be the best approach to optimize the usage? 


Thanks for your advice in advance.

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@Pradeep Kandel  have you seen this post?


I haven't tried it yet, but will give it a try.


Thx and good luck! Please post back here if this solves your problem.



If the WordPress sites are owned by different organisations, I would keep them on separate WebApps, in separate resource groups.

If you combine multiple WordPress instances into the same App Service Plan, the performance of one companies site may affect another companies site (it also depends on how you may charge these companies), but it is an option if you want to save on cost and are comfortable.

* If it's a very light website you could look at WordPress, using the inbuilt SQL DB vs separate MySQL DB.
* Another option is a CDN, put something like Azure CDN or Cloudflare in front of the WebApp, to cache the website, images etc and you may find you can scale down the size of the WebApps, spending time on optimising the cache, CDN can save a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

I'm all for Azure, but a hypothetical question I feel I need to ask is - is it the right hosting platform for the website? If you have websites that don't get changed that often if at all, then maybe GitHub pages, for static sites might be a better (a lot cheaper) option than maintaining WordPress.