Best method for generating reports from Azure SQL Server and emailing them?

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I'm getting confused with all the Azure options and renaming of services, could someone offer advice on the best method to do this:


From data in a SQL Server database, certain data triggers events that will necessitate emails sent to people (outside of azure) with a simple, but formatted, data report embedded in the email and some dynamic text. I could have a number of different report formats to choose from depending on the data that caused the event.



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This is something that can be achieved with the Power Automate platform + PowerBI. I'd offer you to investigate the following:

- Use PowerBI to create simple reports

- Use Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) to use an existing template(s) or construct your own with a huge set of predefined building blocks. This is something you can use as a good example:

Both items are part of O365. Should be easy enough to achieve your goal.