Basic Question about uploading dataset

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Hello mates
I hope you are doing well.
I am new to learning Azure and have started watching videos about Azure Mahin Learning Studio. Unfortunately, most of the tutorial videos are about the old Azure ML version, so I couldn't find my solution.

The problem is, when I upload my data and then submit it, this error comes up:
"This experiment contains no components."

Also, not all the dataset columns and rows are displayed when I want to visualize my data; just seven columns and one row.

I hope this is not inconvenient, but would you please help me?

Kind regards

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@masoudkazemi Where are you running the experiments in the designer or in notebooks? Regarding the dataset where are you importing it from? I have not seeing this error when working with Azure ML. Take a look at this learning path. It references the new Azure ML workspace and it might help you resolve any issues you might have.

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning - Training | Microsoft Learn

And here is another more advanced and complete course you can follow through

Create machine learning models - Training | Microsoft Learn