Bad support from Azure. Can you guys improve?

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Hi all,

I would like to ask why is msft azure support so bad? Wrong place to ask but im not sure how else to get any help on this matter.

So my azure account was hacked. The hacker changed my email to his recovery email. I suspect he also changed my password or i forgot about it. Either way when i tried to do a recovery email, the recovery email is set to the hacker's email. he then spun up azure resources and charged up to 1000 USD

So i raised several support cases to msft. However, azure team simply took their time and responded to me after close to 24 hours. Luckily i cancelled my credit card.

It seems the Azure team does not understand my concern. The issue here is that I cannot login. The recovery email is set to the attacker's email. Hence I cannot recover my account. I tried the default recovery account option and use my other hotmail account and yet they said it cannot be validated. I am so surprised that azure support has told me the recommended approach was for me to log into my account DESPITE me telling them I cannot do so (you can see the screenshot below)

Azure it is no wonder u are lagging... your support is horrendous

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Hi @adrianlee785 ,

In each footer there is listed a manager, write him a letter of complainment.

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