Backup of on-Premises servers Data to Azure

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We are in the planning phase of how can we take 140 TB of on-Premises backup copy to Azure cloud with best possible way.


In on-premises we have configured backup in many difference ways to store into multiple servers with Storage boxes.


Some of the them applications configuration, Databases, full VM export daily .etc .


All of them need to backed-up directly to cloud .


Assume customer is having express route configured from one of it Primary Data center


Expecting some solutions!!!.



Kesavan K M

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@Kesavan Munuswamy  sir I am also looking for the same if you got any reference  please share with mi


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you can use Azure backup service, no need express route for take on-premises to azure data backup. azure backup service, you will get incremental backup, multi point recovery, data encryption.

also if you integrate data service level backup directly, you have to use Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS), as like SCDPM but it's free.