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Hello Everyone,

I want to have a copy of all Services I have created, and delete them after having a copy. I don't know if I can do a backup for services only and restor them when I need them. 
I also want to have a backup for all pipelines in ADF.


is impossible to do that , and how?




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i would suggest to simply use  Infra as code so you can create and destroy declarative templates  on demand . It can be ARM or Terraform or Pulumi ... 


However i think you can start creating a table like the one below 


Service Native Backup Third Party Solution Template ReadinessMethod
ADF Flow No Not neededYes 

Save As Template 

(Arm Templates)




Thank you for replying.

Well, I did not get you. I have created many Services and they are charged on daily basis and I want to delete them, but before that, I want to have a copy of these services and when I need them I can gain import them.
For example Event Hubs, Stream analytics...etc.

I find that I can do export Template, but I did not where to import template to test and see if they will get back as I create after I delete them.





I mean when you export the template you are exporting the declaration file of the resource . 

So whenever you deploy with this declaration you will get exactly what you want . 

You can use the following tutorial to start with arm + powershell you can do it also with azure cli  :  

Deploy resources with PowerShell and template - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Docs

Deploy resources with Azure CLI and template - Azure Resource Manager | Microsoft Docs

Also you can deploy it directely from the portal (feature still in preview )

Deploy custom templates from the preview portal | Mises à jour Azure | Microsoft Azure


Thank you. I tried it and the idea is working well.



Awsome ! Feel free to mark as answer  if it is ok for you . Thanks