Backup Azure DevOps Repositories, Workitems etc.

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I would like to ask a question regarding Disaster Recovery. Earlier we used to have our own source code repo and build server, so we had a Disaster recovery plan as to restore from a backup, in case if something fails. When we moved to Azure Devops, everything including Repo , Build Piplines etc is managed by Microsoft. In that case what would be the recommended Disaster recovery strategy?


Stamdard answer -  "most deletion operations in Azure DevOps are recoverable" - is not valid in our case.

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Dear Aleks,
I'm not sure to understand your question, but if you want to know what is the Disaster Recovery of Az DevOps itself, that is probably part of Global Microsoft SaaS solution, you can take a look on that documentation:


Microsoft provide a 28 day backup after a repository is deleted before it is removed permanently. Up until that time you can contact them. 

@Fabrice Romelard @Aleksandrs_Aleksejevs Another option is to try a paid Azure Devops backup solution like Backrightup. Full disclosure that I work for them

We provide a free trial and at this stage (September 2021) backup & restore repos, builds, wikis, work items, variable groups, task groups and are adding more and more everyday. 

Hello! I'm facing the same situation. Where you able to find a solution?




You may consider cross region say East-Asia and South-Asia in view of DR

@Gladys_PR have you tried a solution like Backrightup ?