Backing up Azure VM's with disks greater than 1TB

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The standard VM backup can only backup VM's that have disks of size 1TB or less. 

Is there a workaround or alternative for this?

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Hello Greg, 


To upload your VHD file larger than 1TB from on-premises directly to Azure as a page blob or unmanaged disk, you can use the latest tool sets:


Azure tools Supported versions

Azure PowerShellVersion number 4.1.0: June 2017 release or later
Azure CLI v1Version number 0.10.13: May 2017 release or later
AzCopyVersion number 6.1.0: June 2017 release or later


The support for Azure CLI v2 and Azure Storage Explorer is coming soon. Also, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now supports the disaster recovery and migration of on-premises virtual machines and physical servers with disk sizes of up to 4095 GB to Azure.


Before you start protecting virtual machines/physical servers with greater than 1 TB disks, you need to install the latest update on your existing on-premises ASR infrastructure. This is a mandatory step for existing ASR users.

Dave, thank you for your response.

My query was not referring to on-premise VM or disks. We have several VM's in the cloud with disks larger than 1TB and we can't use the standard backup tool to protect them.


Hi Greg,


Are you using Azure Recovery Service Vault for backup ?

Hi Kasun.

We would make use of Azure Recovery Service Vault for backup, but the limitation of 1TB disks prevents us from using it, unless there is a workaround?

Hi Greg,


Yes Azure backup still not supporting more than 1TB disks. There wont be a workaround for this because its a Azure infrastructure limitation. But I can give you a suggestion to try 


First Create a VM in Azure and install Azure Backup Server (Free), by using it you can backup VMs to Azure Recovery Service Vault.


Keep in mind we use azure backup server to backup on-prem  servers to Azure.

Use following guide to configure Azure Backup Server


Disclaimer :- I wan't be taking any responsibility of any production workload failures. Please try in test environment before use it in production






Thank you Kasun.


We will investigate this option. 


Thanks again.


This option also doesn't allow the backing up of disks larger than 1TB :(

Hi Greg,

Are you wish to backup full VM or any specific files and folders?

Another alternative you can try is backup files and folders if VM level backup is not intended to do

Ideally, we would want to backup the entire VM. That would make restore very easy if required. 

Hi Greg,


Then we have no alternative from Azure. We have to wait the product team support this limitation. Otherwise you can look for 3rd party backup solution in Azure marketplace 



Please refer to this thread for instructions on joining a private preview for >1TB unmanaged disks. Managed disks support will be by end of this year.


Thank you Trinadh.

I had received this from another contributor. Unfortunately, the disks that we are making use of on our VM, are managed so this option will not work for us until the process supports managed disks.