AzureFunBytes - Episode 1 - Jay covers Azure Storage and solves three problems using it.



AzureFunBytes - A Twitch show on how to use all the fundamentals that are Microsoft Azure.



Today Jay covers Azures Storage and solves three problems using it.

  • How can I store objects for my app in the cloud?
  • How do I create a static web site using blob storage?
  • How do I increase storage on an Azure Linux Virtual Machine?

Jay takes questions and gives you a start with code and procedure to deploy it.

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Links for you!

Introduction to the core Azure Storage services
What is Azure Blob storage?
Introduction to Azure managed disks
Use the portal to attach a data disk to a Linux VM -
Microsoft Learn: Core Cloud Services - Azure data storage options
Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft LearnTV 24*7 streaming Azure content
Get $200 in free Azure credit along with 12 months of free services

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