Azure Workbooks - Mark workbook/endpoint as trusted for all the user/browsers

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currently I'm using custom endpoints (Azure Function Http Rest API) as Data Source for Azure workbook dashboards. 

By design, to avoid automatically making calls to untrusted hosts when using templates, each user needs to mark the used hosts (or the entire workbook) as trusted at the first access to the workbook on every browser (a cookie on the browser will help to maintain the user as trusted).

It would be great if it were possible to overcome this behavior by allowing the workbook to be flagged as trusted at creation time, so that users that will access for the first time to the specific workbook do not have to take further action on it.

@Azure-Monitor-Team Is this something that could be enhanced?

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Unfortunately, no; that's the entire point of the trusted feature.

Anything that calls *outside* of the azure portal is implicitly untrusted. If there were a way for the author to specify that the item is trusted for everyone, then the author could call out to *anything* without a user knowing.

Originally it was suggested that if you had some api you wanted explicitly trusted by the portal, you'd expose it as a managed app (, and then instead of the "custom endpoint" data source in workbooks, you'd use the "custom resource provider" data source instead.