azure windows virtual desktop: there are currently no resources available to connect to


There is a nice step-by-step guide in regards to setting up a azure virtual desktop

After a few trial and error, the desktop was provisioned, but I am getting the following when using microsoft remote desktop version


"there are currently no resources available to connect to"



I also get a 'ooops cant connect' via the webclient

What I have done, is delete previous resources and resource groups that had the same name (so I recreated the resources and resource groups with the same names).

I will also attempt to create using a different name

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@Suleyman AliI created a playlist with of walk-throughs on setting up and managing WVD.  Link below.  Be sure that the Virtual Network you are connecting to exists and has access to a domain controller.    If you are recreating host pools, you should also remove the pool in the WVD environment with PowerShell.  Removing the Resource Group won't remove the WVD host pool and I haven't seen a spot to manage that in the portal.  It could be that you are connecting to a host pool that had the VM's removed.

@Travis Robertsyeah, the network already exists and connects to azure AD DS (if you don't have on-premise/hybrid/ cloud DS then it will fail at the join part).


right... I think we will need to delete all resources and try again.  we did not remove the host pool from WVD and this is probably the reason as its trying to connect to the host pool.  do you have instructions in regards to removing the host pool via PS.

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B@Suleyman Ali  Below are the commands I used to clean up a host pool.  You may need to remove user assignments before the resource can be removed.


Get-RdsAppGroup -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostPoolName
Get-RdsAppGroupUser -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostPoolName -AppGroupName "Remote App Group"
Get-RdsAppGroup -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostPoolName | Remove-RdsAppGroup
Get-RdsHostPool -TenantName $tenant
Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostPoolName
Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostPoolName | Remove-RdsSessionHost
Get-RdsHostPool -TenantName $tenant | Remove-RdsHostPool

@Travis RobertsI will loom at these commands and go through what you have written.


thanks again

Our Azure Domain is too long to use in Azure Domain Services wondering if i use a custom domain set it as the primary and make it the domain name for azure domain services would that work for WVD?@Travis Roberts 

@tommy_barnes Any valid domain should work.  It can be either Active Directory Directory Services or Azure Directory Services.  The VM's will join the domain and users will authenticate to it just as if it was on the local domain.  

Thanks Travis it is now joining the domain but now getting that provisioning resources error which I believe folks are fixing it about creating a service principal?