Azure : Which data type to choose for online file storage

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I wish to move our file server to the cloud.  We have multiple offices and off-site users need to log into a VPN to have access to our current file server.  Once on the VPN, the network printers at their locations are not available.

I need just a simple file server to store documents/files  (MS Word, excel, powerpoint, etc..)  

I will not have any active datafiles used by applications (sql, accounting, etc).


While creating theMicrosoft Azure VM, it asks what kind of storage..  blob, queue, file, disk...

Once again, I am only storing active database.


Do I choose the blob storage? 





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Hi you have the option to use Azure Files, you can read a how to here.

But personally i dont like this option as access controlled using a shared access key and it has a limitation to only one folder(someone correct me if im wrong).


if you are using Office 365, there are multiple solutions that will allow you to achieve your goal with out a VPN.


1.) Sharepoint online, i like this as your have the option edit documents online via the browser

and you can create sites for your different teams and it has good intergration options.

2.)Onedrive for business


4.)Groups, now this one is easy to get started with and intergrates with outlook easy.