Azure VPN on MAC DNS not working

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Good Day, 


I have an issue with DNS on MAC when connected to Azure VPN it does not resolve any DNS. One of the suggestion on the Apple support portal is to change the network order but because the VPN is IkEv2 it does not allow for the order to be changed. Does anyone else have this issue ?


Ps. DNS works 100% on Windows Devices is just on MAC that it does not work.

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Yes, I have this problem too. Did you make any progress?

@shaun hardneck  Same issue here. I have OSX 10.15.7


I tried putting the dns manually in the resolve.conf but still same problem

@shaun hardneck 


Hi do you use certificate based authentication for your Gateway ?  


If yes try Open VPN Connect V3 for Mac it works like a charm 




Yes, but unfortunately we already have a lot of users with windows, and they already have deployed sstp client. 



Did you try to add the dns server(s) manually ?


May be it can help