Azure VPN Client - need to set DNS Suffix

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We have laptops rolled out with autopilot and apps installed as well.  Everything works great, except we are working on migrating to the Azure VPN client and need to somehow set the DNS suffix.  I tried to do it via the Azure VPN client settings which isn't working.  I also tried to set it using an administrative template setting in intune to set the computers dns suffix but that also didn't work.

Name resolution works great if you use the FQDN but just using the computer name it doesn't work and we need to resolve that.


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curious if you found a way to do this as I need to do same.
You should be able to add the DNS suffix into your profile file directly: - also make sure that the CustomDNS settings are added if appropriate as well to point to the appropriate DNS servers. You do need a DNS forwarder (whether its AD or something, Azure Private DNS zones isn't supported currently).
so then if we do that how do we do it for all the users? Do I have to make the tweaks of the package I download, then, recreate a package, and deliver that to everyone that needs it and have them do it? I am sure you understand that doing things for a single user versus hundreds is a bit of a different scale. This process also means that anytime something changes we have to remember to repeat it, so, depending how often one has to do that or how many end users and their skillsets, it may be cheaper and easier in the long run to set up a forwarder.
Unfortunately, yes, unless you have a script created to make changes to the config file directly on each machine.