Azure Verizon Premium CDN - Send mobile and desktop traffic to pre defined origin points?

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I am testing out a Verizon Premium CDN in my Azure infrastructure. 

I would like to find out if the following scenario is possible as it would be very useful for

my company. When a desktop and a mobile device make a request to the CDN, is it possible

to send the mobile traffic to one specific origin and the desktop traffic to another. So to be 100% clear,

i would like to be able to seperate mobile and desktop traffic to ensure that they arrive at pre-selected

origins. It would be very usefull for my company to have origins that are specially configured for mobile and desktop separately. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Just to clarify, and to be clear i dont know if it is possible.

but are we talking 2 CDN networks with each their own content, one for mobile and one for desktop ?


And are you programming a app that would utilize the data located on the CDN ?


you could use traffic manager:

Taken from MS: Traffic Manager uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to direct client requests to the most appropriate endpoint based on a traffic-routing methodand the health of the endpoints


if your application can detect the device it could use seprate urls depending on the device.


Do you have a support agreament like pro direct ? MS has wonderful customer service, im sure they would love to help you with this challenge. Not that we dont love talking about this stuff

Hi Kent,


Thanks for the reply. I wasn't clear enough in my post so i will give an example use case for what i am trying to do. First off, i want to use only one CDN. So a user browses to from a mobile device and a second user browses to from a desktop. The CDN detects that user one is browsing from a mobile device and sends the request to an endpoint that serves the specific mobile version of Likewise, the CDN can detect that user two is browsing from a desktop and directs the request to an endpoint that serves the specific desktop content. That way i have two end points, one that is serving specific desktop content and one that is serving mobile content. What i am hoping to find out is, does the Verizon Premium CDN have the capability to do this?


At the moment i am only testing out Azure with the hope of moving infrastructure here so i don't have the pro direct support agreement. We already have an infrastructure that serves mobile and desktop data. The traffic routing method link that you sent looks very useful, but not for what i am looking to test out right now. 


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