Azure to on premise MS SQL Replication

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I came into the job just recently needing to figure out why our Azure and on-site MS SQL cannot replicate data between them.


So far, all the VPN, Site-Site, Certificates, Routes, all work.


You can RDP, Ping, and do whatever in each box, however I don't know who set this up prior to me coming in. One network is a the other is a 

I don't think would be an issue since they can communicate somewhat. Port 1433 has been opened up etc on both in/out.  


I do not need a SYNC or Transaction replication, I need a FULL replication


I have a VNET, Site-2-Site, VPN, all working just fine.


I am not sure if it is Azure or on-premise. I am thinking it's configuration in Azure. we have this working on PROD without Azure.

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