Azure sync to other databases shows loading...!

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I have a database on Azure and decided to use “sync to other databases” in order to sync cloud database with my 2 other computers. It was working fine for 2 weeks. But now, when I connect to Azure portal and click on “sync to other databases” screen shows “Loading…” and does not changed. I do not see my sync group or sync agent.


I did create those by using SQL Data Sync 2.0.


One more thing, when I click on “New Sync Group” portal returns “CreateSyncGroupPart SQLAZUREEXTENSION” message and does not let me to create a new one.

Please Help

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Hi Vahe,


 Can you try to close and reopen your browser and try again? I works well on my side now. If it still doesn't work, please create a support case so we can follow up on this. Thanks!