Azure Stroage Cost Estimation

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Hello Team, we have a requirement to copy atleast 50 TB of data to Azure Storage Account in Cool or an Archive Tier initially and then we will be copying 2 TB every month.  And the retrieval is when ever its needed and we can wait max of 7 days.

So what i am looking is the storage cost for storing and retrieving the data whenever i needed. I am using the azure pricing calculator and there is something where we need to feed in for the operations and i am not sure how i can calculate the no of write or read operations. I am looking for a help on the same. 

I am attaching the screenshot which i started filling.



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I have shared a link here, which describe the capacity planning on azure storage account. Hope this will clear your doubts.
Hello Vinoth, Thanks for your article.
what i understood is
1. Each block size will be 32 MB (so for any operation we should divide the file size with 32 GB) and it will be those many operations
2. but my confusion here is the second part of the article where it is talking about the name, so can you please let me know how i should interpret this.

I am referring to this section
For Block Blob (base blob or snapshot) we have:
124 bytes + Len(BlobName) * 2 bytes +
For-Each Metadata[3 bytes + Len(MetadataName) + Len(Value)] +
8 bytes + number of committed and uncommitted blocks * Block ID Size in bytes +
SizeInBytes(data in committed and uncommitted data blocks)

Thanks in advance.