Azure Storage Account Larger File Shares

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Microsoft Announce General Available Larger file shares available in the storage account. Azure Files is secure, fully managed public cloud file storage with a full range of data redundancy options and hybrid capabilities using Azure File Sync.

All premium file shares are available with 100 TiB capacity. Visit Azure Files scale limits documentation to get more details.

What’s new?

Large file shares now has:

  • Ability to upgrade existing general purpose storage accounts and existing file shares.
  • Ability to opt in for larger files shares at a storage account instead of subscription level.
  • Expanded regional coverage.
  • Support for both locally redundant and zonal redundant storages.
  • Improvements in the performance and scale of sync to work better with larger file shares. Visit Azure File Sync scalability targets to keep informed of the latest scale.

New storage account

Create a new general-purpose storage account in one of the supported regions on a supported redundancy option. While creating storage account, go to Advanced tab and enable Large file shares feature. See detailed steps on how to enable large file shares support on a new storage account. All new shares created under this new account will, by default, have 100 TiB capacity with increased scale.


Existing storage account

On an existing general-purpose storage account that resides on one of the supported regions, go to Configuration, enable Large file shares feature, and hit Save. You can now update quota for existing shares under this upgraded account to more than 5 TiB. All new shares created under this upgraded account will, by default, have 100 TiB capacity with increased scale.


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