Azure standardized template for new user's profile

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I'm am not familiar with the nomenclature.

I need to use Azure to create a standardized template for every new user that signs into a computer at our various offices. That is to say, when a staff member signs into a different / new computer using their company login credentials (email and password), I need the profile that sets up automatically to already be standardized and HIPAA and PHI compliant.

That would include:

  • Internet browser settings (Firefox, Edge and Chrome)
  • background image
  • screensaver time-out
  • taskbar layout
  • file-explorer settings
  • default app settings
  • start menu settings
  • et cetera


  • What is that called so I can research how to complete the task?
  • If available, where do I find the template maker in Azure?

Your time is appreciated.

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Hi @Czacholio ,


I assume your scenario is about Windows clients (W10 or W11) and you are primarily working with physical PCs (laptops, desktops). For a long time, there was a technology called Roaming profiles that together with Group Policies were able to solve what you described.


Roaming profiles is no longer something I would recommend. Instead, you should investigate UE-V or User Experience-Virtualization: Get Started with UE-V - Configure Windows | Microsoft Docs


It's important to note, this technology has nothing to do with Microsoft Azure and there isn't any cloud service on Azure you could leverage to implement UE-V.