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I'm turning to the experts as I'm getting mixed messages from MS support.


I need to create a SQL DB in Azure to work with an SCCM PowerBI template.


I have been told that I could "spin-up" the SQL DB without a Server/Virtual Machine. When I try to do this I get prompted to create a Server.


Obviously I need the Server per the setup - so my question is will I be billed for the Server in addition to the DB or just the DB?

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Hi Guy,


You will only get billed for the SQL Databases you deploy and not the logical server that has to be created.

Microsoft introduced the concept of SQL Logical Servers within the new portal to make the management of your Azure SQL Database easier. Think of it like a SQL server instance (on-prem comparison).


For more information on the Azure SQL Logical server:




Thanx Stephane - that answers my question.