Azure SQL Managed Instance vs SQL Server in Azure VM

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When we have migrated to Azure due to MSDTC limitation in SQL Managed Instance, decided to use  SQL Server running in Azure VM. It looks like there is a public review available for MSDTC feature in SQL Managed Instance. So if we decide to move to managed instance, what are the benefits?

Is there any cost benefit too?

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Hi below some benefits of using SQL server managed instance : 


  • 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Azure AD authentication and single sign-on support (SSO)
  • Automated back-ups and backup retention
  • Automated patching and and version updates
  • Built-in high availability (HA)
  • Point-in-time database restore capability
  • Threat detection (alerts)
  • Cost Effective 

However since the ability to coordinate distributed transactions  is a preview feature i would suggest to wait it's Generala Availability to migrate for production use . Check also the limitations before implementing .