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Hi all,


My boss has created a new Azure database and has manually queried in a basic table. He is wanting to add me as a user so I can access the database, edit, etc. How can this be done and are there any steps we need to take before hand? 


Any help will be appreciated!




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It depends how your Azure SQL Database was configured: it could either use SQL or Azure AD Authentication/Authorization. You should check the following article:
Hi David,

Thanks for the reply, I am still un clear after looking at the page linked. My boss is the admin for the azure database and I am added as a user within that. However we are wanting to create and manage users within SQL Server so that I can connect to his SQL DB through my own PC on SQL Server.

Hope this makes sense.


Thank-you, we actually managed to get it all done by searching around in Azure and online. I might use this link in the future if we need to do it again and forget how we did it aha.