Azure Site Recovery with VMM and stand-alone hosts

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How would I use Site Recovery if I manage some Hyper-v hosts outside of VMM?  Would I need two site Recovery accounts? Or is this not recommended, in a DR situation using Azure Site Recovery.




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As per my undestanding you need a DR solutions for the VMs that are using Hyper-V without VMM.

For this we doesn't need two Site Recovery Vaults.


For the step by step guide check following doc


Thank you for your response.


So you basically saying to use the solution without vmm, for both VMs managed by VMM as well as VMs not managed by VMM?



in Hyper-V ASR you have two options


1. If you have SCVMM you can connect your cloud with ASR and protect VMs through SCVMM

2. If you doesn't have existing VMM environment still you can protect Hyper-V guest VMs using ASR


Follow this link to know more about ASR on Hyper-V