Azure Site Recovery - .vmcs and .vmcr files

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Hello Everyone, I'm adding this conversation because i'm out of ideas :-), I'd like to know if anyone encounters the same issue. I tried contact Azure Support, Microsoft BE directly, various Microsoft fora. There are some with same issue, but none with a solution. Situation: - Hyper-V 2016 with 4 VM’s, all Windows Server 2016 (correctly licensed) - Azure Site Recovery through CSP ARM Issue: - When Azure Site Recovery initiates the replication, the .vmcs and .vmcr files are created under c:\windows\system32 This causes the system disk to saturate and eventually stop the entire HyperVisor from working correctly Troubleshooted: - Reinstalled Hyper-V and Azure Site Recovery - Reconfigured Azure Siter Recovery - Updated the HyperVisor and Azure Site Recovery software. We use this same setup for other clients, where the .vmcs and .vmcr files are created under the root files of the VM where there’s enough storage for the snapshots to reside. Similar Cases known

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