Azure Site Recovery Initial Replication stuck 0%

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Hyper-V (2012R2) - Trying to replicate VM to Azure, but it stays stuck on 0% Synchronised.

From what I can tell everything looks ok, but not data is being moved between on premise server to Azure storage account. No errors show up.


Any suggestions?

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Is Initial replication progress stuck at 0%?

1) Are you using VPN or Non-VPN configuration. If you are using VPN please make sure that below option enabled.

From ASR portal -> servers --> configuration server--> configure. --> VPN

2) Please check all services are running fine from source server. The alert says source is not communicating to process server. check port 9443 opened for replication traffic from source to Process server. 

3) Also ensure you have provided access to the necessary Ref the section required URL  from the below article 
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