Azure site recovery associate replication policy error


We were replicating VMs from single Hyper-V host (without VMM) without problems. Then we disconnected host from ASR, cleaned up resources and decided to associate with other recovery vault, other region (other subscription as well).

After uninstalling agent, cleaning registry and installing agent again, registering with ASR (successfully) we're getting stuck at associating replication policy. Any ideas how to fix it?


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Error (attached as file as well):

Error ID
Error Message
Protection couldn't be configured for cloud/site Site1.
Provider error
Provider error code: 31389
Provider error message:
Job 'Getting Virtual Disk Information' (11A56E5F-4C81-4333-B348-40A6DFEA8A89) failed. Job State 10. Error Code: 32779. ErrorSummaryDescription: . ErrorDescription: .
Provider error possible causes:
Check the error details.
Provider error recommended action:
Resolve the issue and try again.
Possible causes
One or more hosts couldn't be prepared. Check the Provider error for more information.
Resolve the issue and retry the operation.

Hi @Rimvydas Velykis 


Were you able to resolve the issue?

We are facing similar error messages and unable to find what could be wrong.