Azure Site-2-Site with Draytek Vigor 3900

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Help! Has anyone been able to get the Site-2-Site IPSEC VPN up and working with the Draytek Vigor 3900 Firewall please? Ive gone around in 20 minute circles removing and re-deploying different configurations of the Azure Virtual Network Gateway. Im not sure if it is down to the IKE negotiation, or what. If someone has got it working I would love to hear from you ASAP.


Thank you


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Thank you but I had seen this too. Its for a router and not a firewall so the process and configuration is different.
Were you able to get this working as I am facing the same challenges.

@amerhaider , no I wasnt. I ended up configuring a Windows server with the VPN client configuration to allow connectivity, and set the 3900 for port passthrough.