Azure SIT, UAT and Production Environment Deployment

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I am currently working for a client where were are migrating their IT estate to Azure. This involves migrating database and re-engineering numerous integrations using Azure Function / Logic Apps / Data Factory. All in All we have nearly 200 resources contained within a Resource Group. We have also created VMs, containers, NSG, DB, API, Vnets etc.

We have developed the integration using a combination of Visual Studio and the Azure Portal. All code has been written using C#. The analysis to re-develop the existing integrations has been large and the current integration used a different and old technologies. I did consider creating the dev resources using IaC but the build task has been and ongoing process and integration have been delivered on an ongoing basis.

We are now at the end of build and I need to recreate the resources in SIT, UAT and eventually production. I had envisaged I could export the ARM resource group template and refactor. However, this does not seem possible as I receive an error stating 200 resources exceeded.

Could somebody recommend how this can be achieved instead of manually creating resources in each environment. I thougth Azure would be agile and would provide a capability to recreate resources are speed. If this is not possible then I will have to look at not considering Azure for future clients and bids.

Also could somebody recommend (as a lesson learnt) how we could have created a repeatable process at the outset of the project. I was considering developing Terrafrom scripts but due to timescales in build and the need to analyse the integration this was dropped.



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Create an "Azure Resource Group" project in Visual Studio and implement the components using ARM templates.