Azure/Server 2016 not logging out admin account properly

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We are having an issue with Azure/Server 2016 creating multiple versions of the admin account.  This appears to be due to the OS not properly closing down the admin account and then creating another account when logging back in. We see this in the User directory where we find Admin, Admin.000, Admin.BACKUP-0 (not the real names).  Sometimes Admin is a shortcut, sometimes Admin.000, sometimes one of the folders is empty.

The problem is that when we install software in the admin account, files go into the active admin\documents directory and then when the admin account name changes, our software won't run.


Our log out procedure from remote desktop is to use the sign out function in the upper icon above the Windows start button and then sign out of the Work Resources page. We have been told by the Azure reseller that this is the correct procedure.


Anyone had this issue and found a solution?

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