Azure Recovery purging recovery points?

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If you have setup a backup job using Azure, and you have decided at a later date that you do not need quite as many recovery points as you once thought.  Is it possible to take for instance Azure backups that are currently holding 198 recovery points and trim it down to say 30?  Without losing all your backup jobs?  Or do you have to delete all your old backups and start completely over?

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You can change the retention part of backup policy corresponding to the VM so that you retain 30 points. Easiest way is to create a new policy that works for you with 30 points  and associate it to the virtual machine. This way you won't affect all the VMs depending on your old policy.  In the next 24 hours, your old points will be pruned. 

We have few VMs backups were disabled but the data was retained and it was consuming the Cloud Storage. Hence to cleanup storage I created a new backup policy with less number of days as retention and assigned to these VMs and resumed the backup. But I do not see any reduction in the cloud storage consumption for the VM's backup.
Also is it possible to reduce the retention below 7 days?